Planning Your Disney Trip – Spreading Disney Magic on a Budget Series


I am a PLANNER.  I like to do research and know as much as I can before we do anything – especially if it involved a lot of money!  When we decided to take our first Disney trip three years ago, I wanted to know as much as possible before we arrived at Disney World.  [Read On]

The *you never know* Road of Foster Care


Most days this journey towards adoption with baby S goes smoothly.  We are way past the point when we found out that J would be going back home, and many days we actually forget that he isn’t our biological son.  The girls love him so much, and he lights up as soon as they enter [Read On]

There’s a New #VeggieTales Movie in Town…..

Celery Night Fever

Do you LOVE VeggieTales?  We sure do – and I am so excited to announce a BRAND new VeggieTales movie: In Celery Night Fever, the retro funkadelic sights and sounds of polyester leisure suits and disco balls take center stage – along with a timeless message of friendship and forgiveness. Meet Bruce Onion, a nefarious [Read On]

Leaving the Blogging Rat Race Behind


I read a very interesting post about Facebook that one of the women in my mastermind group posted recently. Coming on the heels of my unintended social media break and our family vacation I’m feeling pretty disconnected from the media world at the moment and have been trying to decide if this is a good [Read On]

Our Little Man is ONE!


Dear little one, You changed our lives completely the day you arrived.  Case workers carried you inside, briefed us on your medical needs and then just as quickly as they arrived, they left.  You were so tiny – only 5 pounds with the sweetest little nose and mouth.  The first few weeks you ate and [Read On]

Life at the Lake


We have been up at the lake for the past week, and every time we come up it seems like it’s like coming home.  The pace of life here is different than in NJ. People wave to each other, even complete strangers. If you ask how someone is, be prepared for a lengthy conversation.  Bathing [Read On]

Confessions from a Type A Parent…..


Before I ever thought of having children I was one of *those* people who judged other parents. I thought that I, with my 23 years of experience here on earth obviously had better methods of parenting than the people whose children were out of control. Yes, I was sure that I would never feed my [Read On]

An unintended Social Media Break


A few months ago I noticed that my laptop was slower to boot up, slower to load pages, and if I tried to edit photos it took hours.  I figured I had too much data stored on the hard drive, so I bought an external hard drive, moved a bunch of data over and that [Read On]

Yet Another Bump in the Foster Road


Today is a day that I have both dreaded and looked forward to for over a month.  Today baby S has the bonding evaluation with the BP. Here in NJ {or at least the county that S is placed from} before the state can move to terminate parental rights, the BP and adoptive parents have [Read On]

Spreading Disney Magic on a Budget – New Series!!


In a little over three short months…or approximately 99 days {but who’s counting?!} we will be heading to Disney World for our third Magical Disney family vacation!  While there are a LOT of places that we want to take the kids, right now they are at perfect ages to soak in the magic that Disney [Read On]

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