On Shining Like the Stars. For Him. Right Now.


Do you ever feel that you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing? There are all these amazing people who are mission trips across the world, or who are traveling to bring shoe boxes to children, or who are adopting children that were deemed worthless.  There are women who dive into the [Read On]

And it’s Monday Again!

Glue dotting

I don’t know about you, but days are flying by over here! I feel like I finally get a handle on the week, and then it’s Sunday and we are starting all over again. Whew! It was a pretty epic weekend here, and I’m really looking forward to the coming week! On to this week’s [Read On]

Just Bouncing Around with the Amazing Wubble Ball!

Wubble Ball - Our Good Life

It’s no secret that my kids love to bounce. And run. And bike.  Basically they are in constant motion, and always looking for a new game to play.  I was asked if we wanted to review the Wubble Ball, and after seeing the picture my girls said *YES!*….and then watched the mailbox until the day [Read On]

Monday Facts Week 6


We had a crazy weekend here – and I think we are launching into a crazy week as well!  The girls (and baby S) had fun knocking on neighbor’s doors and getting some treats in return.  I really loved watching the girls this year – Bella was fearless and would run up and knock on [Read On]

Why Foster Care Matters


I haven’t written much about our foster journey lately.  Partly because there isn’t much new to report with S’s case, and partly because we just want to forget that S isn’t our biological child and move on with our lives as a family of five.  However, we all know that this is not how the [Read On]

Have You Tried Clued In Kids Treasure Hunts?

Princess Sophie

Do your kids like to imagine far off places and thrive with imaginary play?  My girls sure do, and we were excited to review two of the Treasure  Hunt packs from Clued in Kids as part of the TOS Review Crew. We received the Princess Treasure Hunt Clue Pad and the Homework Reward Treasure Hunt.  [Read On]

Monday, Monday {facts}


Anyone else have the *Monday, Monday* song go through their heads on Sunday evenings? I usually end up singing a refrain or two as Ken and I go through our schedules for the coming week! This was SUCH a fun weekend that I kind of hated to see it end. Saturday I took the girls [Read On]

Classical Conversations Week 6

Lapbook of Lewis & Clark

This week we studied the Louisiana Purchase! Our memory work from week 6: In 1803 the purchase of Louisiana from France prompted westward exploration by pioneers, such as Lewis and Clark and Congressman Davy Crockett. Can I admit right now I didn’t know Davy Crockett was a congressman??! We watched this short clip from the [Read On]


sibling love

This is as honest as it gets. I’m sharing my messy, acknowledging publicly that I didn’t make the time to study God’s Word. Me, a pastor’s wife, a mom, a homeschooler.  But this is what blogging is all about, yes?  To break down the barriers and give you a glimpse of the realness of my [Read On]

Beauty and the Beet from #VeggieTales

VeggieTales - Mirabelle of Beauty and the Beet

In August I flew to Nashville and met with the Veggie Tales team to learn about new projects in the works. I got to talk with the design team, some animators, I met Kellie Pickler and pretty had the most awesome 36 hours a person could have.  One of the reasons I’ve been posted weekly [Read On]

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