Just another day in #FosterCare


So yesterday was….interesting. On a week where we have a gazillion things going on before we leave for vacation, I had to squeeze one more thing in. Of course I did. Since Baby S has a brother in the foster care system placed in a different foster care home, there is a court order that [Read On]

Monday Facts – Week 3


Fact: In six short days we are leaving for our Disney World vacation! Fact: I *may* be having some stressful moments over what to pack, what not to pack, getting on the plane….you get the picture. I think once we are actually there I’ll be fine, but for the moment I’m a mess. Fact: We [Read On]

Classical Conversations Review – Week 2


This week we studied the Pilgrims, specifically the Mayflower Compact and why it was so important to the Pilgrims survival.  Sophie grasped very quickly that in order for the pilgrims to survive in a new land they all had to stick together and, more importantly, work together.  Both girls were surprised by how rough the [Read On]

Entering The American Girl World

photo (2)-001

We managed to make almost seven years before American Girl entered our house.  Sophie was never into baby dolls, and Bella loves her baby animals and friends – but not dolls so much.  I was thinking that we were possibly past the doll phase (much to my MIL’s chagrin) when the American Girl catalog landed [Read On]

Meet Kellie Pickler as Mirabelle, the Sweet Potato


It takes a lot of people – and a lot of time – to make each VeggieTales story.  Some of the most important people are the talented actors whose voices bring the memorable VeggieTales characters to life. In the newest VeggieTales musical, Beauty and the Beet, which premieres Oct. 14 on DVD and digital download, [Read On]

Monday Facts – week 2


Happy Monday! We are looking forward to a fun week and hope you are as well!  I’m sharing a few random facts today… Fact: For the past 3 days I am only averaging about 4-5 hours of sleep a night. Between little man teething and Bella having some nightmares again, it’s been one thing after [Read On]

Our Week in Review – Week 1


This week was our first full CC week, and it was really great to dive back in!  We eased into our days and by the end of the week we are back on track.  This week we studied: Christopher Columbus – in 1492 Columbus made the first of 4 trips to the Caribbean on three [Read On]

Getting Fit with LeapBand from LeapFrog!


If you follow me on any social media site, you know that we are always on the go!  We love to be outside, running around the block, biking on the towpath and (most recently) climbing every tree in sight.  We also are a LeapFrog family, so when I was offered the opportunity to review the [Read On]

Introducing the newest #VeggieTales Movie!

VeggieTales Movie

Yesterday I shared that I was in Nashville, TN for a quick trip…and here is the reason why.  Veggie Tales contacted me and flew me down to Nashville so that I could get a sneak peak at a few of their upcoming releases!  Today I am super excited to tell you about the new movie [Read On]

These Boots Were Made for Walking….


Way back in the beginning of August, which was only 6 weeks ago but seems like a year ago – I took a little trip to Nashville. Nashville, y’all!  A place where everyone wears boots, drinks sweet tea and says ‘y’all’ just like I do.  I felt instantly at home.  I loved walking the streets [Read On]

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