Our Homeschool Space


It has taken me a few years to get used to our space.  We don’t have a separate space to do school, and admittedly last year it really bothered me that we didn’t have a dedicated school room.  I’m not sure why, since we have never had one….but I remember really struggling with it last [Read On]

Planning. Oh, the Planning.


August is typically my least favorite month.  We always go on vacation in the middle of the month, and when we return it seems that we’ve lost the end of summer and are trying to play catch up with September and all that comes with jumping back into routine.  This year, I decided that I [Read On]



This year I an determined to have it together for homeschool. DETERMINED. Last year I started off really strong, and then J’s visitation ramped  up, S had medical appointments every single week and my awesomely planned out schedule went out the window.  By the end of the year I was really glad we did Classical [Read On]

Flourish – Balence for Homeschool Moms Review


I don’t know about you, but I consistently feel like I am falling further and further behind in life and it’s a struggle to stay on top of things!  I was happy to receive Flourish, written by Mary Jo Tate and published by Apologia as part of the TOS Review Crew.  Mary Jo wrote Flourish [Read On]

Happy Kids Songs – A Review!


Do you struggle with teaching your kids character and social skills in an easy to understand way? I do – at times it seems that I’m speaking a foreign language with my girls! I was excited to be chosen to review 3  Happy Kids Songs albums as well as the Happy Kids Songs Workbook as [Read On]

WriteShop Primary Book B – A Review


As a writer, I think that the written word is becoming a lost art. I want to teach my girls the importance of writing, as well to ENJOY writing – which is why I was happy to be able to review the WriteShop Primary Book B set from WriteShop as part of the TOS Crew!  [Read On]



We are home. Finally. It has been a whirlwind summer, and it’s hard to believe that I am complaining about traveling too much, but I am.  I love to travel and see new places, but after a few days (or weeks!) I start to crave our routine.  After 6 weeks of being off routine, I [Read On]

Simple Steps to Make Your Disney Trip Easy


Planning a vacation is hard and can be overwhelming…and planning a trip to DISNEY can be cause for hyper ventilating!  Here are some simple steps that you can do before you even hit the parks to ensure a successful trip! 1. I save the maps from each park and then pull them out before we [Read On]

Getting Back On Track Here


Did you ever have the feeling that God is trying to get your attention and you just aren’t listening? This summer has been filled with lots of memories and fun moments, but it’s also had a few frustrating moments as well.  My laptop died which meant I was offline for almost 3 weeks.  S’s case [Read On]

Another Sneak Peek of Dolphin Tale 2!


I blogged a few months ago that Dolphin Tale 2 was going to be released this fall – and now I’ve got a brand new video to share with you! Here is Gavin DeGraw performing his new hit *You Got Me* which includes some scenes from Dolphin Tale 2: I don’t know about you – [Read On]

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