A Review of With Lee in Virginia from Heirloom Audio Productions

With Lee in Virginia - TOS Crew REview

Last year for Cycle 3 of Classical Conversations we studied American history, and a large portion of our studies was around the war between the Northern States and the Southern States.  Some of it was hard to explain to the girls, since we live in a society that is thankfully far removed from where we [Read On]

Why Sophie Really Got Her Ears Pierced

Sophie and Isabelle digging at Buffalo Scienc Center

When the girls and I were in NY on our girls week, I took them to the Buffalo Science Center for a fun afternoon. When we left, I asked the girls what they wanted to do next and Sophie piped up that we should go out to dinner. I said sure and headed towards the [Read On]

Dreaming of #MySummerStaycation – what’s yours?


I love being a mom, and I love being a foster mom, and I love being a homeschool mom. However, if I’m completely honest, there are many times when I want to escape from mom life and get away on a sweet, relaxing vacation. You know, one that doesn’t revolve around nap times, or snack [Read On]

He’s TWO!


Our little man is officially two years old. TWO. He is full of giggles and laughter and hugs and kisses. His belly laugh is contagious and he makes friends with ease, no matter where he goes.  He runs, jumps, climbs and then does it all over again. The child has no fear – which is [Read On]

Meet Baby I


Our family expanded by one last Wednesday evening. Baby I arrived, 3 weeks old and 5 pounds of delight and love. Right now we are fostering him, with the hope that if his case goes our way, then we will add another sweet little boy to our home. The girls are in love and can’t [Read On]

Tips to Make Shooting with a DSLR Simple!

Tips to Make Shooting with a DSLR Simple

My first digital camera was a tiny HP that zoomed about 3 feet and that was it.  Next up was my Sony Cybershot that I loved {and still have!} but once our adorable girls entered the picture I realized that I wanted something that would allow me to take much better pictures indoors with a [Read On]

Homeschool In the Woods – A Review of Ancient Egypt

Dino Days

I love homeschooling my kids, and although I tend to get a teensy bit nervous when I’m teaching something new overall it’s been a positive experience. My girls do best when they are hands on learning, and even better with arts and crafts which is one reason why I love lapbooking! I was given the [Read On]

What’s YOUR Super Power?

I'm a Foster Mom. What's Your Super Power?

Every time we mention that we are foster parents the common response is “I could never do that, I’d get too attached. How can you possibly say good-bye?” It’s very hard to respond to that statement – and you’d think that after years of hearing it I would have an answer, but truthfully I don’t. [Read On]

Staying on Disney Property or Off?

Staying on Disney Property or Off?

As you may have noticed, we love Disney World and try visit every 12-18 months if we can. At this stage in our kids’ lives, I really can’t think of other place where they will have as much fun as Disney….and admittedly I would live at Disney World if I could!! Before you think we [Read On]

Why We Should Ignore the Boy/Girl Toy “Rules”

Why we Should Ignnore the Boy/Girl toy rules

When I was a little girl, I played with Barbies and dolls and (sometimes) trucks/cars with my brother.  Toys were very gender based and it was not cool for girls to play with boy toys.  It never really bothered me, until I was told in my 10th grade math that girls weren’t allowed to be [Read On]