A Review of Dynamic Literacy

WordBuild Foundations Level 1

One of my favorite pastimes is reading and it’s easy for me. English as a subject, however, is not. I still struggle with spelling, vocabulary, and conjugating verbs, which is not something that I wish to pass on to my girls. I was happy to have the opportunity to review WordBuild Foundations Level 1 as [Read On]

Monday Musings Dino Edition

Dino Days

This was a crazy weekend!  We had a lot planned, and then Friday Bella’s rash got worse so I ended up taking her to the Emergency Room to try and see if we could get some answers.  They ER doctor took some blood and they did a few tests while we waited. Her white count [Read On]

When the Doctor Has No Idea…..


While we were in Ohio, we had to take Bella in to urgent care for what looked like poison ivy on her face and eye. The doctor on call prescribed a 5 day steroid pack and sent us on our way. Bella got lots of chocolate for taking her medicine, because honestly? I hate having [Read On]

A Review of Institute for Excellence in Writing

IEW PAL Review

As I may have previously mentioned, we have tried a few language arts programs with Sophie, with limited success.  She can read, but she doesn’t like to – and any time we have to conjugate words it causes her to completely stress out. We were offered the chance to review both the Primary Arts of [Read On]

A Review of Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal

Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal Review

As a family we love traveling, and as a homeschool family we love taking field trips everywhere! We pretty much seem to ignore the idea that homeschool families stay at home   I’ve been keeping track of our trips in my day planner, but was hoping for a more hands on approach with the girls.  [Read On]

Monday Musings – Vol 1


While driving the 8 hours home from the lake last Friday, I had plenty of time to ponder a few things in between bathroom breaks and getting the kids snacks.  Hubby and I talked about our next Disney trip and some other fun day trips that we’d like to plan.  He played a few games [Read On]

Confessions from a Type A Mom

Confessions of a Type A Mom

I love schedules. Like, I really can’t exist without them and I have no idea how people can live without being on a schedule.  We have meal schedules, nap schedules, bedtime schedules, homeschool schedules – the list goes on. Please don’t think I’m totally rigid and can’t deviate from a schedule, because I can…it’s just [Read On]

A Review of Latina Christiana I from Memoria Press


While I ended up taking German, Spanish, French and Italian in school, I wasn’t sure what language that I wanted to incorporate into our homeschool. When we started with Classical Conversations two years ago, one of the subjects the students cover is Latin.  When the TOS Crew was asked to review Latina Christiana I from [Read On]

Monday Facts from the Road


We spent the last few days at the Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, OH at the Teach Them Diligently convention. It was the first time that we traveled to a TTD convention as a family, generally I have traveled alone. However, since we were going to the biggest indoor water park I figured there was no [Read On]

Cultivating a Blogger – Vendor Relationship – Part 1

Cultivating a Good Blogger - Vendor Relationship

When I started blogging it wasn’t long before I started wondering how to get companies to work with me for reviews. All that *free* stuff that other bloggers were reviewing looked like a lot of fun!  Of course, in the beginning I worked with anyone who contacted me – and in time that got old [Read On]

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