When it’s About Relaxing – Giveaway #2


It’s Monday and time for another super fun giveaway! This week I am up at the lake without the kids.  My husband gave me one job to do: RELAX.   Yep – that is all I have to do.  However, I’m finding it harder than one might think!  I got here yesterday and within the [Read On]

Just Say No!


That’s right – I’m actually advising you to say the *N word* – it’s okay!  We moms can get so overwhelmed when we say yes to everything, that not only do we forget to take time for ourselves {see this post!} but we can get bogged down in little issues that really aren’t that important. [Read On]

Go Science – a TOS Review


During the spring and summer we travel quite a bit as a family, and it can be difficult to continue doing homeschool while we travel. I was happy to receive 2 Go Science DVDs from Library and Educational Services to review as part of the TOS Crew.  We were able to review Go Science Vol [Read On]

Must See – Dolphin Tale 2 Preview


I mentioned in April that Dolphin Tale 2 is being released  - and now I can share the official trailer with you! This September, the original cast (Morgan Freeman, Harry Connick Jr., Ashley Judd, Kris Kristofferson, Nathan Gamble, Cozi Zuehlsdorff, and Winter the Dolphin) are teaming up again to help save a new member of [Read On]

When it’s All About Me – and VBS – with a GIVEAWAY for You!!


I have been looking forward to this week for the last month – it’s VBS week!  I have to be honest and admit that while I’ll be helping here and there, I will have at least 2-3 HOURS a day all to myself while the big girls are at VBS and Baby S is napping. [Read On]

The Forgotten Initiative Interview


I was blessed to be able to share a little of our foster journey with Deanna at The Forgotten Initiative!  She found me on Instagram {you have to love social media!!} and I was excited to share a little bit of our foster journey. As I’ve shared before, fostering is different for every family, and [Read On]

Water Park Survival Tips!


Now that warm weather is finally here, along with hideous humidity, we spend a LOT of our time at Sesame Place, which is an wet/dry amusement park.  If you are ever in the Philadelphia area and have kids 10 and under you really should visit. It’s awesome!!  No matter where you are – heading to [Read On]

Here’s to 11 Years!!


This weekend we celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary by driving 7 hours in the car with three kids to return home from vacation. Our anniversary dinner was at McDonalds, and as soon as the kids were in bed we were busy unloading the van, unpacking the cooler and throwing laundry in the washer. There weren’t [Read On]

4 Easy Tips to Help You Take Time for YOU!

4 Easy Ways to Take Time for YOU!

As women, we like to take care of everyone!  Husbands, kids, neighbors, parents – if there is a need we generally stand up and say we will take care of it.  And that’s not a bad thing…but I’m beginning to notice that we are taking care of everyone else and not ourselves, which is not [Read On]

Life is Simpler Here


After a 6am wake up call from Bella which jump started our morning, we ended our six hour journey to the lake.  In between was a super yummy lunch at Friendly’s, a shopping trip where we always end up with more treats than we allow at home, and a few tears from S, who decided [Read On]

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