Our Faith

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We are a PCUSA {Presbyterian Church, USA} family. My husband is an installed pastor at a small church here in Jersey.

I was raised Presbyterian in a small church in Western NY. My parents made sure that my brothers and I attended church every Sunday, no matter the excuses that we tried to give! I was fortunate to attend a local Church Camp each summer where I was immersed in creating sweet music for weeks.

I struggled with my faith in college, and again when my father passed away in 1999. I believe that wrestling with my beliefs strengthened my faith in so many ways.

Ken and I were married in 2003 and I became a minister’s wife overnight. It was a struggle at first {and still can be} trying to find my identity while fitting in with my ideals as what a pastor’s wife should be. Thankfully my sweet husband is quick to reassure me that I only have to be me – which has been such a blessing.

There seems to be an idea that pastor’s families are “perfect” and never have any trouble. We have had our struggles and our marriage and our faith is stronger because of them.

I believe that Jesus Christ is the only Son of God. I believe that God loved us so much He sent His beloved Son to save us from ourselves. I believe that by confessing my sins and receiving God’s grace and forgiveness I will enter into His kingdom.

If you have questions or are struggling with your faith I would love to chat with you. You can email me: auriegood@hotmail.com or connect with me on twitter: @AurieGood