Mission Statement

My Personal Mission Statement:

I will strive to set a good example of God’s love for our girls, by loving God first, others second, and ourselves last, both by deeds and words. I will focus on teaching our girls how amazing God’s love is, and how to rejoice in all things.

I will set aside my ideals about being the perfect wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt – and use the gifts that God gave me. I will focus less on what others are able to do, and instead look inward to see how I can use my gifts to bless our family.

I will laugh more, stress less, and not worry so much about the dishes in the sink. I will make sure the housekeeping gets done – but make playing and teaching our girls more important. I will make sure that Ken knows how much I love and appreciate him daily.

My Blog Mission Statement:

I want my blog to be a place of encouragement for you! A place to chuckle over a funny story, listen to an uplifting piece of music, and ramble about “mom stuff”.

I want to offer advice on issues that I’ve been through (or am currently in the midst of), offer comfort for those who are feeling alone, stressed, tired, and worn, and offer encouragement on those “never ending” days.

I would love to pray for you! Please contact me at: auriegood (at) hotmail (dot) com and send me your prayer requests.