Our Curriculum for 2014-2015

We are a Classical Conversation family, which means that we follow a pretty structured curriculum that CC sets up. Last year was our first year and I had a really hard with how the lessons were set up – but the girls thrived! I took the summer to see what worked and what didn’t, and I figured out how to teach the material without losing my mind…which I think is something all homeschool moms are hoping to do! (grin)


I have a shelf full of the *perfect* curriculum that I’ve purchased over the last 2 years and that ended up not working for us. This year, instead of buying the next great thing, I went old school and we are doing more with less.

For math we are sticking with Math U See for Sophie, and Bella is using some really great workbooks that I found at the Dollar Store. Yes, you read that correctly. The Dollar Store had a great selection and I picked up a few for Miss Bella this year.


For History we are using the CC Cycle 3 History sentence prompt, and then I’m planning extra lessons around it using a lot of free printables and some library books to supplement. You can see what I have pinned to use here.

For Reading we will be doing a lot of read alouds with both girls. Sophie will be working on phonics and Bella the alphabet. Since we discovered American Girl Dolls, I found a fun reading guide that goes along with Caroline’s story. This should be a great introduction to chapter books for the girls. Sophie will continue with Handwriting without Tears and Bella will be starting on some great printables from CurrClick.


For Science this beginning of this cycle is Anatomy. I wasn’t sure what we would be doing, but then managed to find some great lapbooks at the CurrClick site. They are easy and I can tailor them for both girls!

This cycle we are learning US Geography, which should be really fun! I found some great write on/wipe off maps from Kids Steals which will be perfect for the girls to learn where the states are and trace them. I also downloaded the 50 Copy Work from CurrClick which will help reinforce the states and capitols. I made a memory game for review as well!

CC also covers Latin, but we will just be reviewing the vocabulary – I’m not about to dive in-depth into a second language yet.

We will have our daily Bible time, using our Children’s Bible and Devotional, and that wraps up our list! We are using a lot of the library’s resources this year, and I’m looking for free or inexpensive materials online, instead of buying more boxed curriculum.