My Weekend & Turning Down a Bravo Series

This was kind of a wild weekend.  I headed off to Lancaster, PA with my MIL for some girl time – which translates into scrapbooking and shopping, some chocolate, a little less sleep and a lot of laughter.  Along the way I also turned down an offer from a producer who thought our family would be a good fit for a new reality series.  I’m not kidding!  Keep on reading…..

We spent Thursday and Friday at the Creating Keepsakes Convention in Lancaster, PA.  It used to be in Valley Forge, but moved 2 years ago.  It’s an hour further to Lancaster, but considering that there are two outlet malls in Lancaster it makes the extra hour worth the trip.

At the Fair LO

Usually when I go to this convention I take 5-7 classes, which means I run from class to class the entire day.  This year I decided to take 1 class and concentrate on getting some of my own pages done.  I managed to scrapbook all our life events from January to June, which I think is pretty good.  Our Disney trip alone is an epic 8 layouts – thankfully we haven’t had any other huge trips!  The pages are super simple, but it feels good to have the pages down and the memories recorded.

A Day for Us LO

Since our hotel was right in the middle of the outlets we spent some time shopping as well.  The girls had a wish list for the Disney Store, and it was fun to be able to find a few items that I knew they would love.  Talbots, Chicos, and Easy Spirit were some of our stops, and I found some great items to spruce up my wardrobe!  We had Gymbucks, so Gymboree was a must – and the store didn’t disappoint.  I came home with several sweet outfits for the girls.

Swimming with the Rays LO

On the way to Lancaster I had a phone call from a producer for Bravo.  Apparently there will be a new reality series coming out about *abnormal* parenting, and through social media she had found my blog.  Since we homeschool *Interest Led* she wondered if we would be interested in being a part of the series.  A crew would follow us for a few days to document how we live and then it would air on national television.  While I’ve always thought it might be fun to be on TV, I had to turn her down.

Although, the more I think about it perhaps I should have said *yes*.  I mean, who wouldn’t tune in to see our crazy everyday world of juggling Baby J’s visitation and doctor appointments with laundry, potty training, diapers, and, oh yes –  school?  Let’s not forget about our dogs who bark, run like crazy and try to jump the fence every 30 seconds.  Or our 15 year old cat who throws up at the most inopportune times.  Come to think about it, who wouldn’t want to watch us?!

Just out of curiosity – would you tune in to see how we live?


  1. Sounds like a good weekend. And, I bet your family would be fun to watch on TV! :)

  2. Interest-led homeschooling would qualify you for “abnormal parenting”? This just makes me giggle. :-) Yes, I would watch, but only because it is you and you have such a sweet spirit. I do worry about how mainstream media likes to portray homeschoolers in a negative light. I was once interviewed for a newspaper about homeschooling – they managed to take every intelligent sounding statement out but DID put in one about me dancing with my kids to loud music in the living room for stress relief. LOL! Yup, that made us seem… abnormal. ;-) Ah well.

    • LOL!! I know, it really took me aback when I understood what she was asking. How crazy is that?! I’m very glad I said no!

  3. Glad you had a nice weekend! Yes, I’d be very interested to see someone I “know” on television – and you certainly make life at your place sound entertaining! ;)

    • Entertaining is a very good word for our world here :) Yes, it was a lovely weekend. Now to get caught back up with everyday chores!!

  4. What an awesome opportunity! I’d totally tune in!! :-)

    It’s hard to turn down good opportunities. This weekend I had to say no to an all expenses (minus airfare) paid trip to a tropical paradise because it wouldn’t fit with hubby’s work schedule :-(

    So I can only imagine how hard it was to turn down Bravo. Good for you for putting family first!

    • Oh man – that would have been hard to turn down! I keep thinking that it could have been a great way to show that homeschoolers can be very normal, but I’m sure somehow it would get all twisted around. Sigh.

  5. Kenneth S Good says:

    No you made the absolute correct decision.

  6. Well, I’m guessing that’s one thing you never expected when you started blogging!? While you all are a riot, as I can attest, I think you made the right decision.

    • I think it was the right one, although it would have been fun to see a crew fit into our cozy house!

  7. And, I love Ken’s matter of fact comment :)

  8. What a weekend! :) One day, when the girl’s are old enough to understand, I am sure they will think it is Awesome that y’all were asked to be on television! xx

  9. Jackie Hazlett says:

    Of course I would watch! But I think you made the right decision for your family. Glad you had fun scrapbooking :)

  10. Oh, yes, I would watch if your family was on tv, but I would not envy you your loss of privacy!

    It looks like you had a great, fun weekend! I would love to get away like that sometime; it just looks like sooo much fun!

  11. I love your hubby’s comment.
    I too, would have watched your show:-)

  12. haha – I always say that we should have a reality show about our REAL crazy life. Glad you had a fun weekend!

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