Circle Time – A Review

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Trying to do homeschool lessons with three little ones 5 and under was a *little* stressful last year at times. If I’m completely honest, it was chaos more often than not – and some days I counted it a success if we got an hour of lessons in before someone totally lost it.

I was selected to review Circle Time by Kendra Fletcher, and I was really excited since I am constantly looking for a better way to start our school days.  Our old morning *schedule* was breakfast, playtime while I cleaned up and got ready for the day, then Bible Time, and then I would jump back and forth between Sophie and Bella which was exhausting.  Adding in Baby J {and Baby L} pushed me over the edge some days.  I kept thinking there HAD to be a better way!

Kendra is a busy mom to eight children, from teens to babies.  I was eager to read and glean some wisdom and tips from a mom who has been exactly where I am now!  The background of Circle Time was a simple way Kendra gathered her children together to start their day with prayer and Bible time.  In Kendra’s life, Circle Time has evolved and changed to fit their homeschool day.  The idea that Circle Time can be changed as our schedule/life changes made me feel really good! So often I hear about a great schedule system, or homeschool idea….but when I implement it I always seem to have trouble since our schedules are often changing from month to month!

Kendra starts off Circle Time with ideas for what to include in Circle Time.  {I have to be honest here  – it took me a few times to realize that Kendra wasn’t talking about literally sitting them girls in a circle shape. Sigh.}  A few that Kendra mentions we already did include, but I’m excited to implement some new ideas!  Here are few ideas that I liked and will be including:

* Popcorn Prayer – this is just a fantastic concept!

* Silly Songs – it never occurred to me that we should add music, but the girls would love it!

*Memory Verse for the week – we read the Bible, but need to work on memorization

* Intentional Prayer concentrating on thankfulness

To help you plan and personalize your own Circle Time, Kendra has included two printable worksheets: a Circle Time Wish List and an Independent Work/Group Work worksheet.  I highly recommend taking the time to print them off and fill them out.  At first I was tempted to jump right over them, but after taking the time to look and PLAN how I wanted our Circle Time to flow, I really think these are an important step to make sure that your Circle Time will WORK for you.  Also, by having a plan on what you want to cover in Circle Time, it will be easier to tweak the plan when schedules need to change.

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Overall, I am really excited by the ideas that Kendra included and the encouragement on the different ways Circle Time can bless my family!

You can download Circle Time here at the Preschoolers and Peace webpage for $4.99.

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