A Perfect Summer Evening

I had just a few things I wanted to get done today.


After being gone for 5 days to the lake, and then leaving again last weekend for Lancaster…..let’s just say I’m a little behind.

I have laundry and cleaning to catch up on. I need to get started on my school planning and order the book that we’ll be using with Classical Conversations.

I wanted to purge the bookshelves and clean out the cabinet that holds our craft supplies to see what we actually have.

Chubby Baby Legs

However, it was a lovely summer evening.

So, instead of staying inside and rushing through dinner  we had an impromptu picnic.

I spread a tablecloth in the yard, plopped Baby J in the Bumbo and we ate our pasta and meatballs cross legged on the grass.

Digging for Treasure

The girls loved it.

We played hopscotch, hide and seek and tag.  The girls buried treasure in the flower bed and *weeded* for me. {sigh}

My list is still just as long, but I wouldn’t trade this evening for anything.

Which is exactly how it should be, I believe!

When did you have a picnic last?


  1. Well, we had an indoor picnic on blanket in the hallway just a couple of weeks ago! ;) It was actually for lunch – and a bit hot and humid to go outside – so we compromised with a picnic inside.

  2. Way to embrace the summer night! I hope you got some stuff accomplished today. I still need to go through our craft cabinet as well!

  3. What a great idea! And I’ll have to try Tracey’s idea of an indoor picnic because the mosquitoes and heat are too bad to go outside for long.

    • Since we live n the river they spray for pests, which I was against until the year they didn’t do it and it was horrible! Thankfully we don’t have too much trouble.

  4. Jackie Hazlett says:

    Love it….. we sometimes have picnics in the winter on the living room floor! Spread out a blanket and voila!

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