Our Sofia the First #DisneySide Craft Party!

Sofia the First Party #DisneySide

We are all tired of the cold, the snow, the ice, the staying indoors…so it was the perfect time to throw our #DisneySide party! If you have visited us here on the blog before, you know that we are a HUGE Disney family and happily use any excuse to sprinkle our days with a little [Read On]

DIY Children’s Whiteboard Craft – Simple, Easy and Cute!

DIY Kids Whiteboard Craft

  We use whiteboards all day long for homeschool, and my girls love drawing on them once we are done with our lessons for the day.  I was trying to come up with a creative way for them to have their own whiteboards, and thus this easy project was born! This project is easy, simple [Read On]

DIY Paper Snow Globe – No Snow or Water Needed!

DIY Paper Snow Globe Craft

Sophie is fascinated by snow globes, and usually the girls are both fascinated by snow in general. Of course, now that we have been in an arctic freeze for the past 6 weeks and whatever fluffy snow we had is now coated in ice has all of us wishing for Spring to arrive. Quickly. But [Read On]

Monday Facts – and a Fact I Didn’t Know!!

craft fail

I think Monday’s are good days to be surprised. I mean, you have a whole week stretching out in front of you, so it’s the perfect time for something to happen. I’m not saying anything will happen today….except that we are taking all three kids to the Franklin Institute for a field trip with our [Read On]

Words to Dream On – Giveaway!

Tommy Nelson Words to Dream On

We love, love, LOVE to read. Really, we do! Our bookshelves are crammed full of books that seem like old friends to the girls, and it’s so much fun to see what they run to pick for Daddy to read to them at bedtime! Right now we are cycling between this book and our new [Read On]

When Enough is Enough

Family 2012

On Sunday, Ken and I were able to go on a dinner date, thanks to a wonderful friend who volunteered to watch the kids. That in itself is a huge deal, because Bella will NOT stay happily with just anyone, but Miss Laurie has made the cut – whew!! You know you are parents when [Read On]

The Lucado Treasury of Bedtime Prayers Giveaway!

Tommy Nelson Lucado Treasury of Prayers

We are a book loving family, and the highlight of the girls’ day is to have Daddy read to them at bedtime.  We’ve had lots of favorite books (including the one that Daddy wrote!) and it’s always fun to see which story or two that the girls choose to end their day on. Tommy Nelson [Read On]

Monday Facts Valentine Style

Sophie Bella S

Happy Monday!! I hope you had a great time celebrating all your loved ones this weekend! Here in NJ it was seriously cold and snowy, but we were able to have some special time with our family and friends. Fact: The girls were thrilled that we didn’t do regular school on Wed and Thursday last [Read On]

Check Out CurrClick’s HUGE Winter Sale!


Have a mentioned that we love lapbooking?  The girls are thrilled when I pull out lapbooks for them to do – even if they are just for fun like the Valentine’s Day one we are working on or the St. Patrick’s Day that is coming up.  For us, lapbooks are a great way for the [Read On]

Meet Sadie from the Newest VeggieTales Movie!

VT Noah's Ark 007

As I mentioned last week, there is a new Veggie Tales movie about to be released March 3rd-Noah’s Ark!  Contemporary Christian singer Jaci Velasquez is starring as the voice of Sadie, wife of Shem (voiced by Wayne Brady) in the new movie! She sat down with the producers to answer some fun questions about the movie…. [Read On]

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