Weekly Wrap Up Week 14

Week 14

I’m a little behind and seriously off my game when it comes to weekly wrap up posts! Part of the issue is that by Thursday evening my brain is fried and trying to type a cohesive sentence can be a bit much!!  We’ve had a LOT of fun with different projects these past few weeks [Read On]

So Much VeggieTale Fun Coming Your Way!!

Veggie Tales

There are five new VeggieTales In the House episodes premiering Friday on Netflix! I’m really excited about these episodes, and in just a few moments (that is, just a few paragraphs), you’ll meet the newest members of the VeggieTales family: two new characters who make their debuts in these episodes. But  there is more Veggie [Read On]

How to Build a Lapbook

How to Set up a Lapbook in 4 Easy Steps

I’ve posted a few times that we are really enjoying using lapbooks this year! Every time I post a picture of my girls making them, I get questions on how to put them together and where to get them, so I thought I put together a quick little tutorial. You’ll need the following supplies: * [Read On]

Monday Facts from Friday


This was a very, very busy weekend – and the fact that we got 3 inches of snow on Saturday morning only added to the crazy…or bliss, if you ask the girls!  I must admit I totally over scheduled our entire Friday, but it was so worth it!  Our Monday facts about Friday….. FACT: This [Read On]

The Mediation Saga For S

sibling love

Last Friday we had our *final* mediation for Baby S.  It was scheduled for 2pm, so we headed out at 12:30, managed to get lost (even though we have been to this court house three times!) but arrived on time…only to find out that the case worker and the birth parents weren’t there yet. So [Read On]

Monday Facts on a VERY Busy Week!


After a low key weekend we have a crazy week coming! Thankfully we only have this crazy every 6 weeks or so – but it’s hard to focus when we are constantly on the move!  It will make for a great weekly wrap up post, though! FACT: Last Friday we had S’s mediation. I’ll share [Read On]

Fourth Times the Charm?


Today we had back to the county where S was born for our *final* mediation. I have that in quotes because November 19th was supposed to be the final mediation and we all know that meeting never happened.  I keep thinking that there IS a plan in all of this, but at times it seems [Read On]

Calling all DIY-ers!!!


Can you relate to the following? You love the idea of a DIY project, but have no idea how to complete it? You have boards of amazing DIY ideas pinned on pinterest but can’t figure out how to choose one? You ever wonder how in the world people come up with these creative projects? Here’s [Read On]

Thankful for Grace


Last week we had our first MOPS meeting of the year.  Our MOPS group meets in the same church as our CC group, so by now the kids are really used to the space and will go to their classes without any issues.  Thursday was no exception – I dropped off S, then Bella and [Read On]

She’s Seven.


On Saturday Sophie turned 7 years old. SEVEN. I’ve asked myself this weekend how on earth it’s possible. I still remember the day she was born and all my nervousness about being a new mom faded away when they placed her in my arms.  We had some stressful few months – between colic and all [Read On]

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