Homeschooling on the Road


We are getting ready to hit the road to attend the TTD Homeschool Convention in Sandusky, OH – and then will be continuing our trip to the lake in NY.  It will be little man’s first road trip, and the first time we will be going to more than one destination on one trip.  The [Read On]

An Update on Little Man’s Case


We are getting closer with finalizing little man’s adoption, and at times it seems like it’s already done, and then we realize that he’s not technically our son yet!  We still have some hoops to jump through, and admittedly some of those are okay and some are driving us a little bit nuts! I’ve been [Read On]

Downloadable Daily Lesson Planner


When it comes to lesson planning I am all over the place. I’ve tried at least 4 different planners this year alone, each of them great but all lacking one thing here or there. I’ve tried dry erase schedules and paper schedules and check off boxes – but nothing I found was working for me. [Read On]

Tuesday Facts from the Lake and Sesame Place!

Sesame Place

Hard to believe it’s almost lake time, but time flies! Ken and I came up Sunday night to get the house opened and ready for another season. We are also rearranging furniture, cleaning up debris from a very long western NY winter and just generally enjoying being back to nature. Well….Ken is. Admittedly I am [Read On]

Staycation 2015 – Enjoying Central NJ!

Staycation 2015 NJ

It’s time for the awesome staycation season – that magical time when you stay close to home and explore what’s in your area!   While I was born in western New York, after 10 years of living here in New Jersey I think I’m finally a Jersey Girl. I love living here on on the Delaware [Read On]

A Review of Forest For The Trees, a Nature Study from Homeschool Legacy


We are fortunate to live right along the Delaware River, which means we spend a LOT of time outdoors! The girls have inherited their father’s love of nature, so I was pleased to have the chance to review Forest For The Trees from Homeschool Legacy.  Any excuse for them to be outside sounds good to [Read On]

Why We Are Sticking With Classical Conversations


Two years ago I was ready to be done with Classical Conversations. We were new to the curriculum on a brand new campus with new tutors and a new director.  It was a very, very steep learning curve and I think I fell off the CC wagon before week 12.  It wasn’t pretty. My husband [Read On]

Review of S is for Smiling Sunrise – A Great Preschool Book!

S is for Smiing Sunrise

I am always on the lookout for new picture books for the kids, but it can be hard to find a book that has great pictures and a fun text. We received this adorable picture book S is for Smiling Sunrise as well as an audio CD and a teacher’s guide from WordsBright as part [Read On]

And it’s Monday!


Happy Monday everyone!  We have been on a roll the past few weeks and it’s exciting to finally be in the groove again and having life roll a little smoother. This week we have some fun play dates, a visit to Sesame Place, a vet visit for the dogs and school – it’s shaping up [Read On]

Thankful on Thursday


As we get nearer to Little Man’s adoption, it feels like things are either going crazy out of control, or life is moving very, very slow.  It’s such an odd feeling at times, believe me. Add in trying to schedule our trips to the lake, the next two TTD conventions, juggling homeschool and trying to [Read On]

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