What Really Happened Last Friday


Last Friday we were scheduled for a final meditation with Baby S’s birth parents.  The idea was to avoid going through a lengthy trial and hope that the birth parents would decide to surrender and we would be able to move forward with adoption. However, that didn’t happen.  The birth mom decided to check herself [Read On]

Monday Facts on Tuesday!


I joined this super fun new link up that is on Mondays, so for now I’m moving my Monday Facts posts to Tuesdays!  This weekend was very emotional for me, and I must admit that I am very glad for a new week and all the new blessings that will be coming with it!  I [Read On]

My Top Christmas Books for Kids


Today I’m super excited to be joining a new link up!  Each week we’ll be sharing different resources that are my favorites and just might work for you! Even better, it would be so fun if YOU wrote a post and linked it up too!  This week is Christmas Books for Kids. I think we [Read On]

Win a VeggieTales Prize Pack!


I’ve been sharing new and exciting ventures with the VeggieTales for over 2 months now, and it’s been super fun for us!  The girls LOVE seeing all the new clips and videos and they have been very adept at spotting a VeggieTales movie we haven’t watched yet anywhere we go.  I love the message that [Read On]

Today is THE day.

sibling love

Today at 2pm EST we will be sitting in a room with S’s birth parents, their lawyers, our case workers, the state lawyer, the law guardian and a mediator. The purpose of today’s meeting is to give the birth parents one last chance to voluntarily surrender their parental rights in what is called an *identified [Read On]

Classical Conversations Week 8


Whew – I’m starting to get my weeks mixed up!  This week we studied the Missouri Compromise, the circulatory system, English and Latin (not my favorites!) and we are still working our way through the United States map. History: In 1820 Henry Clay worked out the Missouri Compromise, allowing Missouri to enter the union as [Read On]

Introducing the VeggieTales HOTLINE. Really!!

Veggie Tales

This past weekend I was able to share some VeggieTale fun at our house by getting a sneak peek at two of the brand new VeggieTales in the House episodes that are debuting on Netflix THIS month!  The girls LOVED them, and Bella can not (or will not) stop singing the theme song.  If you [Read On]

Simple Ways to Bless a Foster Family during the Holidays

sibling love

Thanksgiving and Christmas are getting closer, and the excitement seems to be building everywhere! There are so many posts and pins and tweets and IG’s about menu planning, gift giving and trips that are being planned.  The Holidays can be a very overwhelming time for many people, and foster parents are no exception.  During a [Read On]

Monday Facts, Edition 8


Another weekend has come and gone, and amazingly we managed to keep it all together and I am very excited about a new week!  Last week we had a lot of trying moments with the girls, and to be honest I’m not sure why.  But if it wasn’t Sophie having issues, then Bella was having [Read On]

Purposeful Design – A Review


My girls love to ask questions about everything, which I love – but can also be exhausting at times! Sophie and Bella love space and are constantly asking questions about the sky, heaven, stars, the moon – even asking if there are other planets like ours.  When we were offered the chance to review Purposeful [Read On]

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