A FREE Homeschool Planner Download for 2015-2016!!

Free Homeschool Planner from ourgoodfamily.org

Every single year I buy at least 3 different planners to use between September and June. I never go into the year intending to do that, but it seems that I always have an issue with a planner not having enough space, or not laid out in a way that works for me, or just [Read On]

Monday Musings…or how I’m so far behind I might never catch up


We are home from the lake. Ahh…home. I love traveling and going places, but it’s also lovely to be home and be able to work on my to-do list that kept getting longer and longer while we were on vacation. I’m not sure why or how that happens, but it seems to happen every time [Read On]

The Lake in Pictures.


We have been up at the lake for the past week, and it’s been really good. My kids are running around outside, swimming, playing games that are NOT electronic and just generally enjoying life. My husband is more relaxed and has been building camp fires and taking long walks on the trails.  I’m trying really [Read On]

A Review of Horizons First Grade Math Set

Hoizons Math Grade 1 Review

We have had the privilege of reviewing a few different math curriculums this year with the TOS Crew, and we found one that is working really well for Sophie, but I’ve still been looking for something for Bella.  I was offered the chance to review Horizons First Grade Math Set from Alpha Omega Publications and [Read On]

Spelling You See – A Review

Spelling You See

Growing up I didn’t like spelling. It never made sense, and I’m sure that my lack of spelling prowess contributed to my late start with reading.  We are in our third year of homeschool, and it occurred to me three months ago that I’ve never done spelling with my kids.  I started to panic, because [Read On]

Prepping for Cycle 1

Prepping for CC Cycle 1

I am officially getting ready for Cycle 1 of Classical Conversations. My director has sent out our fall dates, we have practicum coming up (that I really should register for – ahem) and I’m hard at work finalizing my CC planner. After the disaster that cycle 2 was when I didn’t plan, I rectified that [Read On]

It Really Does Take a Village


Growing up, I always heard the phrase “it takes a village to raise a child” and I never truly understood what that phrase meant. Being a type A, do it yourself all by myself person, the idea of a village support system was completely foreign to me. Then Baby I arrived while I was in [Read On]

Seven Steps to Stress Relief

7 Steps to Stress Relief

Since we all know that I deal with stress on a daily basis, this article hit home with me.  I think we all, foster parents, “regular” parents – people in general we all deal with stress. Some days it’s a LOT of stress!  Below is a guest post from Leslie Vandever on behalf of Healthline [Read On]

An Update on Little Man, Baby I and the rest of the Story.


Life has been crazy since Baby I entered our home. Without going into extreme details, he is in the middle of withdrawal, which pretty much means he likes to be held as often as possible when he’s awake – so I’m back to getting things done with one arm! Thankfully he loves the baby sling [Read On]

A Review of Science Unit Studies for Homeschoolers and Teachers


Do you love science? I don’t.  Are you super creative and can’t wait to do experiments? Not me – I’m always sure that I’ll forget something or add the wrong acid and blow up the lab.  That is a true story – and the reason that I never took more science than I needed to [Read On]