Classical Conversations Week 6

Lapbook of Lewis & Clark

This week we studied the Louisiana Purchase! Our memory work from week 6: In 1803 the purchase of Louisiana from France prompted westward exploration by pioneers, such as Lewis and Clark and Congressman Davy Crockett. Can I admit right now I didn’t know Davy Crockett was a congressman??! We watched this short clip from the [Read On]



This is as honest as it gets. I’m sharing my messy, acknowledging publicly that I didn’t make the time to study God’s Word. Me, a pastor’s wife, a mom, a homeschooler.  But this is what blogging is all about, yes?  To break down the barriers and give you a glimpse of the realness of my [Read On]

Beauty and the Beet from #VeggieTales

VeggieTales - Mirabelle of Beauty and the Beet

In August I flew to Nashville and met with the Veggie Tales team to learn about new projects in the works. I got to talk with the design team, some animators, I met Kellie Pickler and pretty had the most awesome 36 hours a person could have.  One of the reasons I’ve been posted weekly [Read On]

Monday Facts


I can’t believe that another week is beginning! Time is flying by and it seems that the leaves are falling off the trees faster and faster.  The good news is that the wind is moving the leaves out of our yard – but into the church’s yard which we rake anyway. At least the girls [Read On]

Simple DIY Initial Pumpkin Craft

Simple DIY Initial Pumpkin

I love fall – but for the past 2 years I haven’t done any decorating. None. Nada. At all.  It’s a crime, really.  At the moment I feel like I have NO time to be creative! It’s non-stop around here and while everything is good, every once in a while I’d like the merry-go-round to [Read On]

The Reality of Homeschooling on Vacation


I had every intention of doing school with the girls while we were on vacation.  I took my mini flip book with our CC work, our dry erase maps and markers and the CD to help us with our memory work.  As soon as we got to the townhouse I unpacked our supplies, put them [Read On]

Celebrating Bella!

disney 1 023

Today Bella turns five.  I’m not sure how that is possible, since it seems like only yesterday she was born!  Five years ago today I was wondering how I would parent two children.  I worried that she might have colic (she did). I wasn’t sure how my love for Sophie could possibly expand to love [Read On]

What We Thought About the new FastPass System at Disney


This was our third trip to Disney with the kids, and the first trip that I felt really prepared for.  Thanks to my awesome husband who planned and planned we were able to stay for two weeks, and it was amazing. Our first trip we spent 5 days at Disney, last year we did 6 [Read On]

Meet “The Beet”!! #VeggieTales

VeggieTales - Mirabelle of Beauty and the Beet

We are counting down the days until the newest DVD *Beauty and the Beet* is released from VeggieTales! I’ve been told that there *may* be a copy of the DVD waiting for us as soon as we get back home, and I’m not sure what the girls are more excited about – the plane ride [Read On]

When You Get Sick on Vacation


We have been in Florida for a little over a week, and most of that time we have been at Disney!  We’ve done Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and EPCOT – and we did it all last week in a monsoon.  Seriously, the rain was crazy!! I am really glad that we are able [Read On]

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